About Us

Everything you need to know about our firm


Our philosophy in providing legal services are to provide passionate and initiative legal assistance and to offer creative and effective solutions for client’s legal matters. We believe that every legal matter has distinct characteristics and thus unique problem-solving approaches are required. To be able to deliver strategic solutions for clients, we treat clients’ legal matters as a challenge to conquer. Therefore, we try to comprehend the matter beyond its legal framework. Moreover, we highly prioritize clients’ peacefulness in enduring a legal process. Thus, we emphasize the importance of communication and collaboration between lawyers and clients.


Our Team

Yunus Husein is a prominent legal figure in Indonesia who is well known as the strong proponent of anticorruption and anti-money laundering. He is the former chief of the Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center.

Frederick obtained his law degree from Universitas Indonesia. He specializes in dispute resolution with particular focus on contract dispute, bankruptcy, criminal, manpower, family law, and court driven restructuring process in Indonesia.

Ichsan obtained his law degree from Universitas Indonesia and his master degree from University of Pennsylvania. He specializes in criminal litigation, state administration dispute and constitutional litigation. He also has extensive experiences in investigation and prosecution process and coordinating with law enforcement officials.