Our philosophy in providing legal services are to provide passionate and initiative legal assistance and to offer creative and effective solutions for client’s legal matters. We believe that every legal matter has distinct characteristics and thus unique problem-solving approaches are required. To be able to deliver strategic solutions for clients, we treat clients’ legal matters as a challenge to conquer. Therefore, we try to comprehend the matter beyond its legal framework. Moreover, we highly prioritize clients’ peacefulness in enduring a legal process. Thus, we emphasize the importance of communication and collaboration between lawyers and clients.

Criminal Litigation

  1. Representing KPK chiefs which were accused of being involved in criminal activities.
  2. Advising and assisting Law Enforcement Officers to prosecute Interpol's fugitive on Fisheries Crimes.
  3. Representing a former private bank Commissioner and Director in a banking crime investigation.

Civil and administrative litigation

  1. Advising a major Indonesian limited liability company focused on mining and energy in a cross border arbitration.
  2. Representing a major telecommunications group in Asia in a bankruptcy case in Indonesia.
  3. Representing an heir of multi-billionaire decedent in an heir-ship dispute in Indonesia.
  4. Representing a Civil Society Organization to challenge the validity of a parole decree given to an inmate responsible for the death of one of the most prominent human rights activists in Indonesia in State Administrative Court.
  5. Representing a group of workers wrongfully terminated by a transportation company.
  6. Representing Goldenpointe Overseas Ltd. in a bankruptcy case.
  7. Representing PERADIN in a trademark infringement case and in the state administrative court.
  8. Representing a major insurance groups in Germany and Europe in respect with a shipping insurance claim cases in Indonesian District Court.
  9. Representing an international manufacturing company in filing a breach of contract lawsuit against a local company in Indonesia District Court.
  10. Representing Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte., Ltd., in tort cases against Indonesian companies in Indonesian District Court.
  11. Advising a limited liability company in Indonesia in a cross border arbitration and criminal dispute against its Joint Venture partner in respect with the allegation of fraud and embezzlement.
  12. Advising an Asian multinational corporation focused on construction in respect with corruption and embezzlement allegations.
  13. Advising an Asian multinational corporation focused on concrete & cement and ports in respect with a dispute with its former employees.
  14. Representing a multinational electronic company in arbitration cases against Indonesian company in Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI).

Constitutional litigation

  1. Representing a group of human rights activists in a constitutional litigation challenging an unconstitutional norm in KUHAP
  2. Representing Indonesia Prosecutors Union in a constitutional litigation challenging an unconstitutional norm in Juvenile Criminal Justice System Law.

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